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How to be the perfect wedding emcee for your friend’s wedding

How to be the perfect wedding emcee for your friend’s wedding

When a family part or a dear companion asks you to be their wedding emcee this is without a doubt an honour however it also places considerable responsibility on your shoulders. After all you have quite recently accepted the demand to be the master of ceremonies for the reception. The achievement of the party is in your hands.

Here is some great practical advice to enable you to be a triumph as the wedding emcee

1. Know the order of ceremony for the reception: Have a checklist made up and write up prompt cards to help with announcements. The key here is to keep it simple. Don't be too elaborate with your discourses or with the hand-written guide. Get in some practice in before the occasion so you aren't stumbling over simple things. If you can have an audience for your rehearsal, so they can give you feedback. Knowing what you have to do, and when, will make it much easier for you.

2. Be confident and enthusiastic: There's nothing worse than having someone onstage mumbling into the microphone. If you've done your homework this will be a lot easier. The visitors will respond well to someone who is smiling and enthusiastic. Work on this in your rehearsals and you'll be more confident onstage.

3. Speak Loudly and clearly: Imagine what it resembles to attempt and listen to somebody mumbling into the microphone, and how annoying it is. If you are anxious concentrate on speaking a little slower, so individuals can understand your words. Work on this in your rehearsal.

4. Make Eye Contact with the audience: This will enable you to speak more clearly. If you have notes, don't keep your head down while reading them. Glance at them and set your head back up before speaking. when addressing the Bride and Groom make sure to take a gander at them. The same goes for any other visitors you are addressing.

5. Keep it simple: If you endeavour to make your presentation elaborate it will be more difficult for you to keep the stream going. Resist the temptation to write expansive talks or introductions for the wedding reception. Keep it simple and everyone will appreciate the party more, and centre will remain where it ought to be, on the bride and groom.

Keep to these simple tips and your wedding emcee experience will go easily.

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